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PostPosted: Wed Apr 26, 2006 12:44 pm 
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Ok, this is the third time i've written this thing. (1 powercut, and one instance of me being a tool and previewing then clicking back) so I reckon if I dont make it this time im giving up! :P

Also excuse the crudness of some of the pics. I wanted to use animation to really show you what i was doing, and i didnt want to limit this to people with broadband etc, so i sacraficed quality for filesize a bit!

First off id like to point out that I certainly am not any kind of photoshop expert, and if anyone has any additions or improvements on this stuff please post them here!

So you begin by opening up your image in photoshop.

In order to change the colour of the car we need to create a mask over the car itself. To the likes of me (and im guessing you too if you are reading this) that means we have to select all of the bits we want to alter the colour of.

I always start doing this by making use of the Magic Wand tool, as demonstrated below.

Set the anti alias to ON ( i realise i forgot when making the aniamtion below :oops: ) and turn contiguous ON too. I usually set the tolerence to 30 as a starting point, then reduce it bit by bit as i get to the smaller areas.

Make sure you hold SHIFT when clicking, to add to your selection each time. ( you should see a little + next to the wand cursor).

If you accidently select a big area you didnt want to, just hit CTRL and reduce the tollerence and try again, until you get it right.


Now is probably a good time to introduce you to the history tool. The history panel remembers your last 20 odd moves, so if you really mess up your selection, dont worry. You can step back as shown below:


So, much clicking, shift holding and zooming in and out later i was left with:


You will find that the magic wand has left you with a pretty rough selection in places, with bits missing etc. You have by now probably realised that to get all those bits will take you forever using the wand.

And you would be right to think so too!

We want the final result to look as close to real as possible, so this rough selection just won't cut it. Look at the door post on my selection below.


Enter the polygon lasso tool!

As shown below, make sure you hold shift, and start to use the lasso tool to clean up all the dodgy bits. On the cossie i was doing, the WRC bumper etc took ages, but the cleaner the image and more simple the car, the less work you will find yourself doing with the lasso tool.

Take your time here, as if you take the time to get this right, your image will look the real deal at the end! :wink:


So after carefully going around the whole car zoomed in, cleaning your selection up you should end up with something along the lines of


It is then time to create a new layer, and add the 'paint' to the car, as shown below.


And that is one cossie turned from red to blue.

If you want to change the colour of the car again, click on the paint layer. Then hold CTRL and click on it again (CS users click on the thumbnail on the layer). then choose a new colour, and apply it with the bucket, MS paint stylee! Its that easy!

If you are finding that the colour you are applying is always too dark, right click on your 'paint' layer, and duplicate it. Then change the blend mode of the new layer to 'lighten' (in the same way i changed it to 'color' above. If you are finding them too light, duplicate the layer and set the new one to 'darken'!

The last thing to do is tweak the opacity of the layers until it looks right. Make sure your zoom is set to 100%, and just mess with the opacities of the layers (on the layers panel, top right) until you are happy.

Be careful to pay attention to the background at this stage. If the backgound is pale and dull, so too should the car be. Even a bannana yellow car will look dull in poor lighting.

Mess with the opacity settings until it looks real!

Here is my final product, agian in low quality ( i bet this thread is hoooooge by now :oops: )


Although i did find that car quite hard to do, and i'm not too happy with the finished product.

I'd recommend the following images as good ones to get you going!


Well if you're reading this, i must have done something right :)

Post up your results, and happy Photoshopping!

Peace out 8)

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