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Instructions for timing up an aftermarket cam - By Chris (Digita1Dragon) Luxton

Follow your manufacturers instructions regarding cam lubrication and fitting.

Setting the cam timing

Install the cam and followers (tappets) as detailed in manufacturers instructions, then for the crank timing disc, what i did was print the disc out, pritt-stick it onto a haribo tub lid, then gouged a hole in the middle small enough that it would grip the crank pulley bolt well, you then need to line up the TDC line on the disc with the notch on the pulley, then turn the crank round so that the TDC timing mark on the belt case lines up with the appropriate line on the disc (for mine (Piper 285 T2)it was 114deg after TDC).
Once the crank is in place you need to remove the rocker arm from inlet valve 1. (closest to cam belt) now with the cam pulley on and tight, turn the cam until the tappet for inlet 1 is at its highest. There will be a few degrees where the tappet will be at full lift. you want to approximate the middle of this, then paint the tooth that is at the very top, so that you can double check the position with the belt in place later on. Now pop the belt on, make sure that the TDC line on the disc still lines up with the notch on the pulley and that the new timing point is still lined up with the timing belt cover notch. Now check again that the right tooth is at the top of the cam pulley and tighten the belt tensioner. (a good trick here is to have a friend to hold a spanner on the cam pulley and one on the crank pulley, you need to get them to take up any slack by turning the cam pulley away from the crank pulley (dont turn the crank pulley as this is harder to line up properly). Now assuming they are still timed up properly take up as much tension as you can and tighten one side of the tensioner as much as poss. You should then be able to relax and tighten the other side).
Next tighten the rocker arms down to the appropriate torque.
Remove all 4 spark plugs then very carefully turn the crank using a long spanner or breaker bar etc. You need to do 2 full crank revolutions with it turning alright. If it stops dead youve done it wrong :lol: (wont happen if you've followed this properly ;))
Next cover the valve train with oil, especially the tappets. Pop the rocker cover back on, disconnect the coil HT lead, reconnect the battery.
Using the starter motor, crank the engine until the oil light goes out.
Turn off the ignition, replace the spark plugs and HT lead.
Fire her up! keep her at 2.5k revs for 25 minutes (or longer if the tappets dont go quiet in that time). The tappets should now be primed. (Anti-pump lifters can take a LONG time to prime due to their nature :D). If the tappets never quiet down double check the rocker arms are tight enough and repeat priming process.
Check the cam timing belt isnt loose from the cam pulley to the crank pulley. If its fine put the belt cover on. If not repeat the tensioner steps.
Next, fill up with your usual fuel and go play! once all warmed up put your foot right down in 5th at 25mph. If you hear the engine pinking turn the dizzy back a few deg, repeat until perfect :)

Thanks to Chris Luxton (Digita1dragon) for this!

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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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